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From Burnout to Alignment: the Story Behind Kindred Minds

My name is Yash, and I started Kindred Minds with the hope of bringing together like-minded people to explore life’s bigger questions. Understanding who I am and living in line with those values has been my journey for the last seven years.

The difference between stress, anxiety, and overwhelm (and why it matters)

Our bodies do a really good job of letting us know when something is off. Perhaps our heart may start beating fast, we might find it hard to focus, and our muscles may tighten. Are we experiencing stress? Anxiety? Overwhelm? Does it matter? 

What is your relationship to work?

The 9-5 job is outdated. In fact, the eight-hour workday was created (by Henry Ford!) during the industrial revolution. But we’re not in the industrial revolution anymore. We live in an era of personal expression, not standardized rigidity

A tool when it feels like the worst-case scenario is inevitable

Does your mind constantly tell you stories? Storytelling is our brain’s way of making meaning of the world; however, these stories and thoughts can sometimes be errant and biased so negatively that it has an impact on mental health. 

What is the shape of your anxiety?

Several years ago, I was sitting in my therapist's office explaining how I struggled to manage my anxiety with work, my relationship, and the stress of adulthood. I was fully prepared and ready to dive into the specifics of my current situation, but before I could jump in, he paused me.

Do you reject the positive in your life?

Do you ever find yourself minimizing the good things that happen in life? If so, you’re not alone. A core pillar of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is identifying cognitive distortions, which are negatively biased stories our mind tells us. 

How to Get Out of a Rut: The 20-Second Rule

How to get unstuck in 20 seconds.

What I learned from my last half marathon.

5 years ago, I ran my first official half marathon. My time was 1:57:29. In preparation for that half, I followed a strict training schedule. I pushed myself to hit specific time targets after each run. On the days, I didn’t achieve what I wanted, I beat myself up about it.