How Kindred Helped Medely Scale High Quality Coaching to All Managers.

  • Medely is a digital network for nurses and other healthcare professionals to find short-term assignments and per diem jobs. Medely is a fully remote organization with 400+ employees and 60+ managers.
  • Medely had tried several manager enablement solutions including workshops, on-demand coaching, and asynchronous courses but found low ROI & utilization from their managers.
  • Since implementing Kindred Minds, Medely has seen a sharp uptick in manager utilization resulting in higher manager efficacy and bottom line impact.
"Supporting managers is one of our top priorities yet the existing solutions yield low ROI. Kindred has been a game changer for our leaders, highlighting clear ROI within a matter of weeks. Our managers love it!"
Arthur yamamoto
Chief People Officer, Medely

Metrics Snapshot


of managers used and engaged with Kindred's nudges frequently.


of managers report that Kindred made them better managers within 4 weeks.


of managers were onboarded on Kindred Minds within 3 weeks.

About Medely

Medely is the largest labor marketplace for short and long term healthcare jobs. Medely helps healthcare professionals instantly access high paying healthcare jobs with the freedom and flexibility to work when and where they want. Medely also provides healthcare facilities with the tools needed to manage their contingent workforce, time tracking, billing and credentials management.

Medely was founded in 2016 and is based in Santa Monica, California. The fully remote company has 400+ employees and 60+ managers.

The Challenge

Especially in an uncertain macroeconomic market, supporting manager development is one of the Medely People team’s most important priorities. Based on research and experience, the team knew that more effective managers would mean improved retention, better performance, and higher employee engagement.

However most of the manager development solutions that they tried, including internal programming, workshops, a dedicated LMS, and mentorship programs had poor utilization and adoption.The only solution that seemed to have worked had been high quality 1:1 executive coaching but that was too expensive to scale to all managers.

Medely was looking for a high quality, high utilization way to engage, support, and improve all of their managers, not just their executives.

"Kindred has given me the ability to grow as a manager in a way I never thought possible. Kindred's personalized coaching has given me the ability to learn how to check in on my rep's motivation levels before and after our 1:1s. This has greatly helped me connect with my direct reports and has helped foster their growth and production as well."
Melissa Smith
Manager, Account Executives @ Medely

Medely chose to implement Kindred Minds for their managers. They were excited about the prospect of using AI to scale the efficacy of personalized coaching for all Medelyan leaders. Further they believed that integrating coaching into Slack could meaningfully reduce the friction for managers to engage in a learning tool.

Kindred's team further customized each manager's AI coach by incorporating Medely's own managerial toolkit on what makes a great manager. This ensured consistency in nomenclature, frameworks, and culture across the organization.

The results well exceeded the Medely team's expectations:

  • Managers were thrilled. Every manager signed up and was onboarded within 3 weeks. The original onboarding goal was 60%.
  • Within the first month, Kindred had over 450 conversations with Medely users, representing over tens of thousands of dollars in saved HRBP time.
  • Utilization was 3x what Medely expected with 88% of managers using the product regularly. 65% of managers were asking and engaging Kindred questions weekly.
  • Most importantly, utilization translated into more effective managers. 53% of managers said they became better managers because of Kindred. They reported several aspects of the platform such as Kindred’s highly personalized pre-meeting nudges, the always-on nature of the coach, and the unique insights Kindred offered.

With Kindred, Medely finally found a manager enablement solution that worked for both their managers and the People team. They had clear metrics that demonstrated ROI in their manager enablement programming.

Looking forward

The Medely team was pleased with the results from the initial engagement and decided to extend the engagement with Kindred Minds to offer AI leadership coaching to all of their managers for the year. As the engagement continues, Medely uses Kindred as a core component of its manager enablement stack by adding new resources and learning materials to further train the AI coach.

Now every manager, new and old, has access to their own personalized leadership coach.

"Kindred has been an unexpectedly useful tool for my 1-1s. Before my 1-1s Kindred pings me on Slack with reminders for discussion points. It builds on points I share from past 1-1s. I'm looking forward to continuing to use Kindred in the months to come."
Chris Udziela
Engineering Manager, Medely