Frequently Asked Questions

What is Kindred Minds?


Kindred Minds is a monthly membership for a highly-structured and more affordable group-based approach to life coaching. Our program helps you build deeper self-awareness, connect with like-minded others, regularly pause and reflect on your life, and equip you with frameworks and accountability to become a better version of yourself. 

We use frameworks like Wheel of Life, Reflected Best Self ExerciseTM, Eulogy Exercise, and The Enneagram, among others, to deepen your self-awareness, identify areas you want to nurture in life, and provide tactical structures and frameworks to achieve your goals.

How Do I sign up?


To sign up, complete the online questionnaire, select your preferred cohort start date & time, and complete your first month's payment. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us at team@kindredminds.com.

Is this a replacement for therapy? 


Kindred Minds is not a replacement for clinical therapy or a substitute for professional treatment. However, many members have found that our programs have helped them manage their mental health. 



90-minute sessions with a cohort of 8-12 others, every other week:
Live sessions are the heartbeat of Kindred Minds. Every other week, you will virtually meet with your cohort of 8-10 peers and a trained facilitator to connect, learn, and reflect on a topic designed by a team of expert coaches.

Expert-developed lessons & exercises:
In preparation for every live session, you'll spend 30-45 minutes working through an expert-developed exercise and structured reflection that will help you reorient to your values and priorities.

After every session, you will be paired with another member in your cohort for a one-on-one. During the one-on-one, we share guiding questions to cement learnings and create space to deepen connections with one another.

Online Community:
As a member, you’ll have access to our online community, where you can connect with other members, participate in additional structured reflections, share resources, and participate in live workshops.

How is Kindred minds different than traditional 1:1 coaching?


Kindred Minds takes a new approach to traditional coaching, integrating asynchronous learning, discussion-based live sessions, and 1:1 exercises with peers in your cohort. The integrated approach enables a deepened sense of identity, connection with others, and insights into how to live your best life.

Tactically, our sessions are more structured than traditional coaching sessions. Each session will cover a particular topic and framework that our expert coaches have designed. The topics are broad enough to be applicable to everyone, yet crisp and structured enough that you'll walk away from each session with new, applicable insights.

Finally, we are more affordable than traditional 1:1 coaching, which often runs $150-$200 per hour. At Kindred Minds, you'll receive 5-6 hours of structured reflection through live sessions and asynchronous learning each month for only $149.

What are examples of some of the expert-developed, asynchronous activities? 


All of our expert-developed, asynchronous activities have two parts: learning and action. Typically for learning, you will either watch, listen, or read a piece of content our expert team has put together. The second component will be action-focused - taking what you learned and putting it to action. This may be a 20-minute journal prompt, an interactive piece of content (such as identifying how particular emotions manifest in your body), or a particular challenge that involves interacting with members of your community.

How much does the membership cost? Can I get a discount on the price?


The membership costs $149/month. We suggest joining with the intention to stay at least 3-months as you will be placed within a cohort of 8-10 others for that time period. The membership includes live sessions held every other week, access to expert-developed exercises, structured 1:1s with a member of your cohort, and access to our online community.

While we don’t discount any of our programs, we have a limited number of scholarships available for qualified individuals. If you’d like to inquire about a scholarship, please drop us a note at team@kindredminds.com so we can send you the scholarship application form.

Why is there a three-month commitment?


Community is the heartbeat of Kindred Minds. It takes time to build a meaningful connection with the other members of your cohort and for that reason, we require 3-month commitments - or 6 sessions. This gives you ample time to build a meaningful connection with others, learn from our frameworks, and build resilience to the stressors of everyday life. 

Can I cancel my membership? 


If you find this program isn't for you, we'd much rather you be able to invest your time & money into something that serves you best. You can cancel your membership anytime through our membership portal.

What if I need to miss a session. 


Commitment is one of the cornerstones of Kindred Minds' experience. When you sign up, we ask that you try your very best to make each session. It keeps us and the group accountable to one another.

That said, we understand that life comes up and you may need to miss a session or two. However, if you miss three sessions within a 3-month commitment (typically 6 sessions), we will ask you to drop the program.

Can I expense this to my company? 


Many of our members expense the programs and/or workshops to their employer. Often times, employers offer a mental wellness stipend or L&D budget. Kindred Minds works great for that!

Why the name “Kindred Minds”?


We are bringing together people from different backgrounds on a similar journey to understand themselves and how to live their best lives. These kindred spirits are inspired not only by deep connection, but also a thirst for knowledge. Knowledge that helps them unlock themselves and be the best version of themselves.

What if my question isn’t listed here?  


Drop us a note at team@kindredminds.com and we’ll get back to you shortly.